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Green Local, about 23 hours ago

Tonight's Grand March will be live-streamed on the district's Facebook page (Facebook Live) beginning at 6:00 this evening.

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Green Local, 2 days ago

Preschool students who ride Lisa Dalton's afternoon route will dismiss at 1:15 today with those High Students (Bus 24).

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Green Local, 2 days ago


(As per All-Call Message)

1. High School: Lisa Dalton's HIGH SCHOOL afternoon route will dismiss at 1:15. (This includes preschool.)

2. All other High School routes (including the CTC bus) will dismiss on-time.

3. All Elementary routes will dismiss on-time; however...

...Sherry Ratliff & Tommy Jacques will split Freida Otworth's afternoon elem. route.

Any students on those 3 routes may be later than usual.

If you don't know your driver's name, bus numbers follow for reference:
Lisa Dalton-24
Sherry Ratliff-22
Tommy Jacques-26
Freida Otworth-25

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Green Local, 3 days ago

Notice from the Scioto County Health Department for parents of children 12+ years.

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