Youth In Government

Students at the Statehouse! Eleven Junior High students were selected to attend the YMCA's 2nd Annual Youth and Government conference. Students spent weeks preparing their bill idea, speeches and debates. Over two days, students will present their bills in front of nearly 250 other middle school students in the House and Senate rooms at the Ohio Statehouse. Whether or not our students' bills pass, each of them have the opportunity to hear, debate and vote upon dozens of bills created by a diverse group of middle school students from across our great State. This is an exceptional opportunity for our students to experience the process of passing legislation in the very seats that our State representatives use! In fact, the State of Ohio passes a law annually to allow the YMCA this opportunity. We are thankful to have the opportunity to participate! Mrs. Sylvia and Mr. Dixon accompanied our students and look forward to returning this spring with a high school delegation.