Good Day,

I am a proud husband and father of two beautiful boys. I am also the proud principal here at Green Elementary. I can't imagine being in a better, more professional, more endearing community with which to shape young minds. I am lucky enough to do that every day. I arrive each and every day with the following in mind, “How will I inspire or influence each of these students?” And I, just as my fellow educators, take that concept very seriously. And I have the absolute luxury of being able to walk down our halls and see that happen in classrooms. On any given day I am able to overhear teachers build relationships with their students. I see them build up students in a way that makes me stand in awe of such ability. I see them encourage students to work to achieve goals. And I see them provide a structure and stability in their classrooms that leaves me standing bewildered and wondering, “How do they do it?”

I spend ample time learning and reflecting about healthy school culture and how to improve student learning. It is one of my goals to improve upon my ability to effectively communicate with our surrounding school community, to effectively support and implement our school safety plan, and to continue to incorporate a safe learning environment with the resources and technology needed for a truly immersive, student centered educational experience. I continue to think about, reflect upon, and practice all of these things here at Green Elementary. The staff and I believe in a culture of trust, respect and caring. We display this belief by serving as role models for students and by setting the example of trust, respect and caring for all.

We here at Green Elementary have the students' interests at heart. There is someone here to listen to every child; to be the shoulder to cry on or to be the motivation that they always need and hunger for. I am lucky enough to be a part of this healthy and positive school environment. Furthermore, I feel truly lucky to help lead in those efforts. Green has truly shaped me as a leader and I am better for it. I believe. I believe in Green.